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Dylan Schiemann's Blog Apple’s new application, Numbers, is a really nice refreshing blend of Excel and a general diagramming tool. It is surprisingly feature-rich, making actually somewhat more complex to use than a typical Apple app. It’s interesting that the new iWork suite has the Leopard theme or skin. Because of the Leopard delays, Apple seems to be in this weird hybrid states where many of their new applications have the new Apple style, but the operating system itself does not. It’s a very different model than Microsoft where apps take on the theme and UI guidelines of the version of the Windows. The Numbers templates, while nice, are not nearly as impressive as the screenshots and demos shown on the Apple web site. Hopefully some of the people that create some of the amazing Keynote themes and templates will do the same for Numbers. The ni... (more)

iPhone Bar Camp

Dylan Schiemann's Blog I usually skip BarCamp and other hackathon coding events because they consume a lot of time and I don’t usually get as much accomplished as I do at my desk. That said, when a major new platform like the iPhone gets released, an event such as the iPhone Dev Camp seems like a great idea to collaborate and get up to speed as quickly as possible. If Apple’s WWDC from last week is any indication, this will be the most in demand BarCamp event ever, and should be a great event to build iPhone apps. ... (more)

iPhone DevCamp

Dylan Schiemann's Blog The iPhone DevCamp begins Friday night. I won’t be able to attend, though we’ll be sending Jason Cline to the event to represent SitePen. We’ve been blogging quite a bit about the iPhone on the SitePen blog, and running a lot of tests to find out all of the various things that don’t work on the current Safari version found on the iPhone. The event is being hosted by Adobe, which is a bit ironic given their interest in Flash and the absence of Flash on the iPhone. Today there was a rumor that Flash would be coming soon for the iPhone, ... (more)

Facebook Has Completely Replaced MySpace

Dylan Schiemann's Blog In my annual informal review of social networks among our cousins and other people under 21 that are still fickle, Facebook has completely replaced MySpace in their lives. In fact, the only people I hear talking regularly about MySpace are a bit older and just learning about social networking. I know, I know, small sample size, but why are social networks so fleeting? The network is only cool if your friends are there (a reason why MySpace became so popular) The network is only cool if it feels special or unique (a reason why MySpace is struggling to keep pe... (more)

Announcing the Dojo Grid

Dylan Schiemann's Blog After many months of working out the details, we’ve just announced the Dojo Grid! It took a significant amount of effort to make this happen, but we’ve managed to come together with a bunch of people in the community to bring an excellent grid widget to Dojo in time for the 1.0 release. SitePen, Mozilla, Nexaweb, Redfin, Snaplogic, and TurboAjax Group (prior to and after their acquisition by ActiveGrid) have come together to make this happen. Thanks to everyone involved for adding something great to the open web! ... (more)